Fraser Volpe is now Fraser Optics

Fraser-Volpe LLC, the world leader in gyro-stabilized optics and developer of STEDI-EYE Technology has changed its name to Fraser Optics. The new name and branding campaign was developed to support the company’s introduction of new products and market expansion.

For more than 40 years, Fraser Optics has provided stabilized hand-held electro-optics and fire-control systems to the U.S. and foreign militaries, federal agencies and local law enforcement. At the AUSA Show in Washington, D.C. October 22-24, Fraser will introduce technology to stabilize cameras for armored fighting vehicles and technology to stabilize battlefield lasers. Also, Fraser recently launched a Commercial Division to provide its world-class stabilized optics to high-end consumers and industrial markets. Fraser Optics’ lines of hand-held stabilized optical products are battle-proven and tested to operate in the most extreme conditions delivering unparalleled performance. Fraser Optics’ products give professionals and serious users a competitive edge by eliminating motion in a high-power optic and enhancing clarity using its unique STEDI-EYE Technology, which removes 98 percent of image motion caused by hand tremor or platform movement.

“The name change to Fraser Optics signifies our interest to honor our legacy while better conveying our message to the markets and customers we serve,” says Andrew Finn, President, Fraser Optics, Commercial Division. “Our tagline, The Clear Advantage, will resonate with all of our customers because it is what we provide. We offer the competitive edge in any situation when crystal clear high-power, stabilized vision is needed. Whether the need is to improve situational awareness, spot big game fish, provide security or protect an asset, the clarity, stabilization and reliability of our products will deliver unparalleled performance in the most challenging situations and under the most extreme conditions.”