Steve Lassley with a large 768 lb. Cabo Black

Over the past 30 years, Captain Steve Lassley has lead and innovated fishing in the Eastern Pacific. Steve is an expert at all aspects of the fishing game, including finding fish, boat handling, and tackle selection and rigging. In addition to these talents, Steve is outstanding at leading tournaments teams, which requires excellent communication skills, boat management, budgeting savvy, and all the other aspects that go into operating a program such as Team Bad Company. Steve has elevated to the top of this game and many believe that we are witnessing a legend at work.

25 years of tournament fishing has yielded Steve the all time record of over $6 million dollars in prize money. His winning record is unprecedented, and includes multiple wins at every major West Coast tournament, including two championships of the world’s richest event, the Bisbee’s Black and Blue.

Steve’s wizardry in boating electronics has been a major factor in his success. His comprehension of these systems has helped Furuno create innovative designs and improvements with their sonar and depth sounder products. Steve has also been instrumental in the popularity of gyroscopic binocular usage and the adaptation of these products to fishing applications.

Captain Steve Lassley is a rare gem in today’s big game fishing world. He is a complete professional who possesses the work ethic, integrity, and leadership that constitute a true champion. He is indeed a legend that we are all privileged to have the opportunity to benefit from.

– $6,930,000 in total winnings. Most in all sportfishing history.
– Largest single pay out in tournament history, $3,900,000
– Commercial fished Swordfish 19 years which was almost exclusively sight fishing based. Was one of top boats on this coast every year. Past President of the “California Association of Harpoon Swordfishermans”
– Currently the Billfish Editor of “Pacific Coast Sportfishing” magazine
– Coulmnist for BD OUTDOORS.com the largest fishing based internet website. Monthly column, “As I See It”.
– Member of National Marine Fisheries Highly Migratory Species Advisory Panel. An elected position. (past)
– IGFA Board Member electing Fisherman into the IGFA Hall of Fame. Current.
– More than 7,000 days of documented sea service.